How plans become memories – and what happens in-between

How can it be that what was for so long a plan so quickly becomes a memory?  But what a memory!

What happened between the end of the plan on Thursday 27th August and the end of the 2015 Southwell Music Festival on Monday 31st has given us all memories to treasure – whether we were audience members or performers.  The highlights are too numerous to mention.

Looking back further – to this time last year – I think most of us connected with the first Festival were in a mental state best described as euphoric shock.  This year there is a sense of euphoria among audience members and evidently among some performers – but perhaps less shock.

Beyond all the important practical hopes and expectations for the Festival – raising Southwell’s profile, giving opportunities to young musicians – what is becoming apparent is that bringing together so many talented and enthusiastic performers, many of whom already know and admire one another’s work, generates a special energy which fuels the Festival’s artistic achievement.

After a good rehearsal of Elijah on Saturday afternoon I realised this the moment we began the performance: the mood had become supercharged.  The tone was set by the drama of Andrew Foster-Williams’ opening declamation and was picked up by the orchestra from the very start of the overture, by the choir, and finally by our other wonderful soloists when their turn came.

The mood that night was captured by William Ruff in his review for the Nottingham Post and the wider feeling of the Festival is summed up by our social media advisor Cheyney Kent in this blogpost.

Thank you to our wonderful performers and to everyone involved in the local community and beyond who helped in so many ways to make the 2015 Southwell Music Festival such a memorable occasion.  We look forward to meeting again from 25-29 August 2016.

Best wishes