The standard just heaps perfection on perfection and leaves us with wonderful memories.

“Anyone who doubted that conductor and Artistic Director Marcus Farnsworth could possibly work such magic again must now feel certain that his supremely high standards of music-making are to be the hallmark of the Southwell Music Festival for the foreseeable future.”

“The Minster is an ideal base for the Festival. Great atmosphere and imaginative use of the space. State Chamber ideal for smaller scale recitals. Old Theatre has an enjoyable intimacy.”

“Aren’t we lucky to have such great venues within easy reach of each other?”

“So good to have different venues which all seemed so well kept and run.”

“Imaginative, beautiful, creative and performed to utter perfection.”

“Best festival ever attended. Joyful atmosphere.”

“Amazing, astounding, truly fabulous.”

“The standard is extraordinarily high; the enthusiasm of the musicians completely infectious.”

“A very special and memorable weekend”