2016 Performer Profiles:

No.7 – Hannah Dawson (violin)

Associate Artistic Director Jamie Campbell introduces some of the outstanding performers taking part in the 2016 Southwell Music Festival.

“The very high standard of Festival performances is due to the quality of our visiting musicians. I thought our audiences would enjoy getting to know some of these very special players and singers so are publishing a short series of profiles in the days leading up to the Festival. Returning this year is Hannah Dawson.

“I am so pleased that Hannah is able to be with us again. We are cousins and so have known each other for a quite a few years! Some of my earliest memories are of playing violins duets with our grandmother on piano. She is a wonderful musician. Her playing is always compelling and heartfelt, and she is a firm favourite with audiences.

Please introduce yourself

hannah dawson

Hannah Dawson, photo © CLIVE BARDA/ArenaPAL

“I have been 2nd violin in the Sacconi Quartet for 15 years. I also play in a piano trio called Trio Elegiaco, and ensembles including Aurora Orchestra and The John Wilson Orchestra.”

What piece are you most looking forward to playing at the Festival?

“Strauss’ Metamorphosen is one of my favorite pieces, so I’m massively looking forward to that. And Verklarte Nacht is a piece that I love listening to but have never played, so that will also be very exciting. Ades’ Catch will be interesting too. It has a theatrical element, which adds another dimension.”

What projects do you have coming up after the Festival?

“Next month I have a performance of Beethoven Op. 131 in the dark with the Sacconi Quartet. We’ve memorised the piece and we perform it from time to time with barely any light.

“I’m about to record some Scottish folk music in the Highlands with violinist Donald Grant and our new folk quartet.

“I’m going to China with the National Symphony Orchestra at Christmas, and plan to travel around Burma after the tour.”

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