2016 Performer Profiles:

No.4 – Amy Harman (bassoon)

Associate Artistic Director Jamie Campbell introduces some of the outstanding performers taking part in the 2016 Southwell Music Festival.

“The very high standard of Festival performances is due to the quality of our visiting musicians. I thought our audiences would enjoy getting to know some of these very special players and singers so we are publishing a short series of profiles in the days leading up to the Festival. I am delighted to welcome Amy Harman to Southwell for the first time this year, a friend and colleague of mine from Aurora Orchestra.”

Amy HarmanPlease introduce yourself

“I’m a bassoonist from London and try to fit in as much variety as a musician as I can. I’m a YCAT [Young Classical Artists Trust] artist, member of Ensemble 360 and Principal of Aurora Orchestra. I spent the last five years as principal of the Philharmonia and have just joined the orchestra at English National Opera. This is my first year in Southwell and I’m very excited!!

“When I’m not playing I enjoy cooking, being at home with my cat Cheryl and sleeping for more hours than you think is humanly possible.”

What piece are you most looking forward to playing at the Festival?

“Beethoven Septet. As a bassoonist who plays a lot of chamber music I must have played it over 50 times now but I never get bored of it. It’s such a joyful piece and I’m so excited to play it with a new group of musicians. Also I get to sit next to my boyfriend, James, a horn player who was at the Southwell Festival last year and can’t stop singing its praises!”

What projects do you have coming up after the Festival?

“I think in the Autumn I’m most excited about heading back to Tbilisi in Georgia for the international chamber festival. I was there last year and it’s such an amazing city. Also the meat dumplings are life changing!

“I’m playing my favourite Vivaldi concerto (E minor) with Arch Sinfonia in October, and excited for YCAT recitals in Birmingham and Leeds and returning to Wigmore Hall with members of Aurora Orchestra.

“Also at ENO we are doing Lulu in November. I’m a huge Berg fan so can’t wait for that! Then at the end of it all I’m going on a three week holiday to Sri Lanka. So there’s lots to look forward to!”

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