2018 Performer Profiles: Matthew Gee

Associate Artistic Director Jamie Campbell introduces some of the outstanding performers taking part in the 2018 Southwell Music Festival.

“We’re looking forward to welcoming trombonist Matthew Gee back to the Southwell Music Festival.

1) Who are you, where are you based, and what work do you do?

I’m Matthew and based in Ealing in West London. My main job is to play principal trombone with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, but I also hold

Matthew Gee. Photo: Micha Theiner

positions with the Aurora Orchestra, Septura Brass Septet and teach at the Royal Academy of Music in London. I enjoy getting out from the back of the orchestra and playing solos, and quite often travel to festivals to take masterclasses and perform recitals. I have just returned from a fantastic festival in Lieksa, which is in North-East Finland, not too far from the Russian border. Plenty of sauna and lake swimming that week!

2) What music are you most looking forward to performing in Southwell this year?

Well I’ve never played the Tippet, so I’m looking forward to that on Saturday night, especially as the trombones get to sit directly in front of the Southwell Voices, who are one of the best choirs I get to work with. And the Berio. It was written over fifty years ago, and is still one of the most challenging, entertaining pieces in the repertoire…as long as you’re not scared of clowns!

3) What other things have you got coming up that are interesting in the next few months?”

I’ve just finished recording the whole of Schubert’s ‘Winterreise’ for trombone and piano. This will be coming out on the NAXOS label at some point in the next year, so I’ve plenty of follow-up work to do on that project. We’ve also got some great touring with Septura – New Zealand and Japan – so that’s very exciting. This year has been one of the busiest I can remember, and I’m expecting to become a dad in early September, so the trombone is going in its case for three weeks while I have a well earned rest, and probably no sleep!